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You’re My Boo

February 1, 2020

Title by Michelle Hunt

Alesandra is the most perfect girl at Girls Boarding School. Primrose is the most prefect girl at Girls Boarding School. Now love, rules and gossip are about to shake things up at Girls Boarding School permanently. 

Song List: "Is It a Ghoul (At Girls Boarding School)" "Alesandra Is Perfect" "Did You Hear Perfect Prefect Primrose Has a Boyfriend" "Tatatatango - I Love You Alesandra" "Boys Boys Boys" "I Hope She's Happy" "Will You Be My Boo"

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Cast: Brenna Glazebrook, Amberly Cull, Alexia Brinsley and Hayden Dun on keys

Teched by Teresa Ewan

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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