Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical Podcast

Winter Never Came

August 10, 2019

Title by Sarah Emily

Two brave fools venture into the spider infested forest to cure the Queen of Summerfall of her lupus so that she may produce an heir. What they find is borderline copyright infringement.

Song List: Sunscreen, Lupus (How Do I Make you Go) We Can Be Heroes Spiders (Does It Make Me a Sinner If I Want to Eat My Dinner) Squish Squish A Son A Son A Son (We need a Son) I Cursed Her With Lupus We Say to Bye to Summer

Cast: Emmet Nichols, Isabella Valette, Teresa Ewan and Hayden Dun on keys

Teched by Jack O’Riley

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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