Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical Podcast

Unspookable Behaviour

October 31, 2020

Title by Nick Backstrom (or BackSTORM!)


It's a halloween ghost story set in the army. When Sargent Peters is betrayed by his closest friend some unnatural revenge is going to take place. 


Song List: "Hup 234", "Halloween / I Went to War", "It's Unspeakable", "Clip Clop a Hop - Trenches", "I Never Thought This Day Would Come - Che is Mine", "Unspookable Behaviour", "Hup 234 - Reprise / Ghost Army"


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Cast: Alexia Brinsley, Hollie James, Josh Burton and Joshua Webb on keys

Teched by Teresa Ewan

Edited by Morgan Phillips



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