Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical Podcast

The Witches of Beastwick

March 7, 2020

Title by The Family James

The Witches cause nothing but trouble in Beastwick, kicking over trash-cans and throwing rocks at windows all in the quest to be a dad. However a romantic spark between a witch and a villager with a broken heart is about to change everything.

Song List: "Beastwick - It's the Town in Which We Live", "Gotta Get Rid of the Witches", "Always Be Wicked, Always Be Bad - Or Else You'll Never Be a Dad", "I've Never Met Anyone Like You", "Could Anyone Love a Witch? - The Witches of Beastwick", "You Need Love to Be a Dad"

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Cast: Morgan Phillips, Josh Burton, Alexia Brinsley and David Peake on keys

Teched by Teresa Ewan

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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