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Super Mario the Musical (with special guest Simon Taylor)

April 17, 2021

Title by Rich Hilborn


With Simon Taylor

insta: @simontaylorfunnyboy


Look out for Simon's new book: "One Night Stand"


Mario has been captured by Bowser which has had a disastrous effect on Super World's plumbing system. Now it's up to a bricklayer named Jeremy to step up and save Super Mario World.


Song List: "It's a Super World (Just a Mushroom Farmer)", "If a Plumber Can Be a Hero, So Can Jeremy", "I've Got My Star", "Gotta Go Slow", "He's Toadal Jerk", "We Gotta Jump On His Head Three Times", "Everyone's a Hero, Even Toad"


And here is the video game that Jake Leaney created!


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Cast: Emmet Nichols, Amy Ruffle, Jake Leaney on keys and special guest Simon Taylor

Teched and edited by Morgan Phillips

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