Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical Podcast

School of Spock

October 10, 2020

Title by Susan Whitelaw

At the biggest sci-fi convention of the year, a group of Star Trek enthusiasts hatch a plan to enlist a whole bridge crew and a famous cosplayer is contemplating hanging up his wig. There will be drama, there will be passion and there will be a whole lot of love.


Song List: "Vulcan we do it?", "If We Had Nine, Deep Space Nine", "Crows, Crows, Way to Go", "In Space, the Truth", "Spock Family", "A Whole Trekking Medley".

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Cast: Teresa Ewan, Emmet Nichols, Morgan Phillips and Hayden Dun on keys.

Edited by Brenton Gardiner

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