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Parent Trap the Musical

August 15, 2020

Title by Jess Phillippi


Dads (Nigel and Darren) are trapped in a hole dug by their daughter (Gemima). They discover a secret series of tunnels where they meet their family Doctor, Dr. Sphenson, who helps them to realise their children are out of control and can't be trusted. Gemima and Tommy Sphenson drive around town in their car but break down in Murder Forest. The parents realise they need to approach their digging and parenting from a different angle. The kids meet some weird crowns and everyone learns a lot.


Song List: "Dig a hole - Make you whole", "Dig and Dig and Dig","Ah Children - Never Trust the Youth", "We're Gonna Ride Ride Ride", "See It From a Different Angle", "Parent Trap the Musical/Set Yourself Free"


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Cast: Emmet Nichols, Jacob Kuek, Teresa Ewan and Joshua Webb on keys

Teched by Jack O'Riley 

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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