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Life & Times of Gavin

September 5, 2020

Title by Marellen Haag


At the age of fifteen, Gavin was the coolest kid in the whole town, but growing older was not a piece of cake. At the age of 34 he's lost it all, including his wife Darla and a winning lottery ticket. Can an unexpected reunion with his old home-ecc teacher help turn Gavin's life around?


Song List: "Have You Heard About Gavin?"' "Oh Gavin (My Life is So Depravin)" "If You Want to Make A... (Mrs Truffle's Song)" "A Cake For Darla" "You Can't Leave a Leaver"


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Cast: Morgan Phillips, Emmet Nichols, Ally Reynolds and Kohan Van Sambeek

Teched by Brenna Glazebrook

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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