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Kissing Cousins

May 9, 2020

Title by Matt Eberhart

EXPLICIT! This episode contains coarse language.

Have you ever wondered why royalty of old liked to 'keep it in the family'? Don't google it, just listen to this episode!


Song List: "With a Hey Diddle Dee (And a Hey Diddle Doo)", "You Make Me Go/Never Let You Go", "Eduardo is Innuendo", "Ooh, Check Your Head", "Clippity Clop", "Forsooth, Thou Art A Fucketh Boy", "Just Friends (Always to the End)"


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Cast: Brenna Glazebrook, Alexia Brinsley, Jacob Kuek and Hayden Dun on keys

Teched by Emmet Nichols

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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