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Hasbro Family Fight Night

May 23, 2020

Title by Abby J Ross


It's Johnny's birthday, and the whole family is longing for their dad, who went missing buying a game of Scattergories. Mr Hasbro has a dastardly mind game planned to keep Johnny's father captive forever. Will there be a table flip?


Song List: "You'll Never Be the Same After We Finish This Game", "Maybe Tomorrow Things Will Be Better", "My Games Are Mind Games", "Top That Top Hat (Sexy Monopoly Song)", "Play Risk with a Girl", "Nobody Likes a Table Flipper".


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Cast: Brenna Glazebrook, Emmet Nichols, Hayden Dun on keys and introducing Asher Griffith-Jones

Teched by Alexia Brinsley

Edited by Morgan Phillips


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