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Dog (with special guest Kala Gare

April 10, 2021

Title by Michalis Panaglotakis


With Kala Gare

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Spotify: Kala Gare

Instagram: @k.gare_


Can two dogs belong together? If they can't, what hope do humans have? A tale of fated dogs bringing people together at Birrarung Marr.


Song List: "Dogs for Dates (Puppy Love)" "Through It" "If She Could Love that Pet" "Let's Go to Birrarung Marr" "The Sniffing Urine Song" "What if We Stopped Looking" "This is the Best Day Ever"


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Cast: Emmet Nichols, Amy Ruffle, Jake Leaney on keys and special guest Kala Gare

Teched and edited by Morgan Phillips





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