Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical Podcast

Disney’s Pre-school Musical

February 13, 2021

Title by OHM Unmongkolfhavang


In rehearsals for the upcoming pre-school musical, Patrick and Jemima are having a tricky time learning the lines and choreography and child prodigy, Tommy, is quick to call them out on it. The two friends decide that it's time to take advantage of Tommy's nut allergy so that they can play the leading roles. Meanwhile, Jemima's father and director is using the pre-school musical to deal with his emotional baggage after his wife, Jemima Senior, ran out on them. 


Song List: "It's Hard Teaching Kids To Do Musicals", "Go Home and Get Better", "It looks Like Yes", "Come Back", "Never Go Away", "Triple Threats Tonight"

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Cast: Morgan Phillips, Brenton Gardiner, Asher Griffith Jones and David Peake on keys

Teched by Jacqueline Irvine 

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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