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A Puppy’s Life

December 21, 2019

Title by Samantha Bruzzese

When a pirate ship's puppy captain goes missing, the crew desperately search to find him. Who could have done such a thing? Only one other ship would be so cruel to steal a beloved puppy captain, a ship who's captain is a dog's mortal enemy. A swashbuckling combination of 'The Pirates of Penzance' and 'Cats' the musical.

Song List: "What Is a Pirate's Life/Puppy Captain", "All I Want All I Need - The Seven Puppy Seas", "Meow", "We're Going to Get the Captain (Holly is 100 Crew Members)", "It's Cats Vs Dogs Now", "We're Tying Ships"

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Cast: Hollis James, Brenton Gardiner, Morgan Phillips and David Peake on keys.

Teched by Teresa Ewan

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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