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Sick Day (with special guest Ally Reynolds)

October 5, 2019

Title by Chiraag Patel

Gazza is the sickest guy in school, like fully sick, once he saw a duck. He’s also 23. Now it’s time for him to finally graduate. But when Gazza buckles down to study for his final exams, the other students do not approve.

Special guest: Ally Reynolds

Find Alley in the Big Hoo-Haa! Melbourne

Song List: It Was a Sick Day/ It's So Hard/ Gerald, You Can Do This/ One Big Duck/ You've Got a Friend (Thankyou Duck)/ One Sick Duck/


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Cast: Hollie James, Alexia Brinsley, Hayden Dun on keys and special guest Alley Reynolds

Teched by Emmet Nichols

Edited by Morgan Phillips

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