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Fanboy of the Opera (with special guest Kala Gare)

February 6, 2021

Title by Jim-Bob Williams


With Kala Gare

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Spotify: Kala Gare

Instagram: @k.gare_


Ryan ruined his chance for opera stardom by embarrassing himself at his high school production of Phantom of the Opera. But with a little encouragement from his family and his high school crush, he's going to give it his 93rd go. 


Song List: "I Love The Opera", "You Ate That Cherry", "La Cage Aux Folles", "Pinky Ponky, Plinky Plonky Rap", "Two Fools In A Cage", "Smoosh Lips Right Now"


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Cast: Emmet Nichols, Morgan Phillips, Jake Leaney and special guest Kala Gare

Teched by Amy Ruffle

Edited by Morgan Phillips


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